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Special Candy Manson has been put through one of the most difficult societysm tests: "In this scene, Candy is laid out on a table with her chest and tummy exposed... extreme wax torment ensues as the Pope uses a blow torch to rain hot wax down on her helpless body... he doesnt stop until she is covered... then the vibrator is rigged to her pussy and he begins to whip the wax from her body as the vibrator pleasures her cunt..

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"Mistress punishes her house slave for sneaking a peak at her tempting pussy. She slaps his cock until it's hard, ravages his flesh with her hands and taunts him with her sexy body."

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Anna is a tough cookie and it takes a lot to rattle her, but the Sgt still got to her. Anna looks great all tied up and helpless!

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"This bonus update contains footage of cyd and Peter topping Princess Donna in the first Armory shoot. She shivers as her naked flesh presses against the freezing concrete floor, but her attention is soon focused elsewhere as cyd clamps her nipples tightly with adjustable wrenches and presses a vibrator between her legs."

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She had never been tied up before, but that didn't matter to Mister Manson... aparently ready for a beach outing in a short skirt and bikini, Adrianna gets thoroughly tied to a chair with her legs spread... a black ball-gag keeps her quiet as Manson gropes and strips her... after a nice inspection and introduction, Manson leaves her there... Adrianna is then tied spread-eagle on a bed..

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Patricia is stripped naked by Krista in a strip search, and then her very big tits are cropped. After rocking the RV and The Patricia, she sneaks outside to fulfill her fantasy of fucking in the woods in one of our most erotic videos yet.

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"We put her through her paces to see if she was as tough as she looked. Her tattoo says "Hate Me" but you're going to love watching this little badass get tied up and worked over!"

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"The latex frogface hood is the perfect tool for the occasion. With stalks covering blind eyes and a small hole for air to come in and teeth to protrude, it effects her transformation from woman into drooling bondage mutant."

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She is a slut, but now she is left to drool and moan. Virginia instructed her to remove her clothing she was given a very deep anal cavity search! Let her out so he could bend her over his desk to do a deep cavity search, first fingering her pussy, then her ass but coming up empty handed in the end that she enjoyed the pleasure through the tor

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